Advanced Analytics

Are you looking to gain more impactful insights, make better marketing decisions, and predict the future of your business using advanced analytics? Look no further!

We are The Verdi Group, a direct marketing agency that specializes in partnering with business-to-business organizations to perform data analytics with the goal of helping you make more profitable marketing decisions.

Investing in advanced marketing analytics has been shown to help businesses predict trends, identify opportunities, and optimize future marketing communications. That’s why we take advantage of the latest in data visualization, descriptive analytics and advanced analytics, and reporting.

In addition, Verdi can build creative implementation based on the analytic insights. We plan, create, and produce integrated marketing campaigns so that your message can become more targeted and generate more ROI.

Predictive Analytics

For Verdi data scientists, the most exciting part of analytic science is not, “What happened?” but “What’s next?” Predictive analytics picks up where descriptive analytics leaves off. It takes us into the future. The direction to which we head and how far we go depends on the data we have to work with and the experience and insights of our data scientists. And, of course, on you, our clients and partners in this collaborative journey.

What Verdi data science research has revealed.
We have discovered, through proprietary research among senior data scientists, that one of the challenges of the field of advanced analytics is explaining it to senior management. Senior management provides the funding for analytics, but often needs reminding of its value. This is where Verdi excels, because we speak the language of marketing and every day, we explain concepts like the ability of predictive analytics to determine an optimal course of action—to senior marketing executives who had no idea of its potential. In addition to this discussion, we often need to explain why predictive analytics takes so much longer than other analytics techniques, and why it is so costly.

However, once these senior executives understand that we can actually predict the future based on data they own or data we can overlay—they often become converts—and our biggest supporters. That’s because predictive analytics allows senior managers with the most at stake to make decisions with more confidence, and often keeps them from making a serious mistake by closing off a path that we can demonstrate goes nowhere. We are often brought in by our colleagues who are also data scientists—not only to help with their initiatives, but also to help educate their management.

Verdi Predictive Analytics Services

Marketing Mix Modeling

By analyzing several thousand data points over 2+ years, we can often optimize your marketing spend, saving you $$$.

Segmentation Analysis

Who are your most profitable customers/patrons/donors? Today? In the future?

Simulation/Optimization Models & Tools

What-if simulations can lead to an optimal result.

Multi-channel Attribution

We can precisely calculate proportionate value from your various efforts—show attendance, social media, TV or print advertising, emails, direct mail, digital media, etc. And we can model a proposed channel strategy and its impact.


We can model your customers/donors/prospects to determine what will most likely motivate them to take an action you desire. We can then segment your base so you know what offer or combination of offers are optimal for each segment.

Call prioritization & Telemarketing Script Recommendations

We can assign customers/donors/prospects to a segment according to their value and likelihood to respond to a script. Then we can match the segments to their phone numbers and prioritize them in real time for call preference and most appropriate script.

Advanced Analytics applied to
the Credit Card Industry

In-house or outsourced marketing?

Advanced analytics consulting pointed our client in the right direction.

A large credit card company lost marketing opportunities because it took too long to field marketing campaigns.

Business data analytics insights led to:

  • Marketing audit to identify bottlenecks.
  • Adoption of marketing efficiency software made internal staff more productive
  • CRM Roadmap defined managed use of outsourced resources.


  • End-to-end marketing campaign execution time reduced to >5 days.
  • The number of campaigns implemented doubled.

Predictive Analytics
reverses Revenue Decline

Reverse revenue decline

Predictive analytics and model development pointed to the right segmentation strategy.

Large telco faced declining revenue in SMB due to increased competition and tech shift.

Advanced marketing analytics and big data management led to:

  • New customer segmentation strategy with microclusters.
  • New campaign development and management tools to achieve rapid deployment.
  • Optimized sales channel refocused on retention/cross-selling.

Results: 250% improvement in campaign close rate.

Media Mix Modeling
addresses an Unsolved Issue

B2B high tech client asks, “what drives revenue – personal selling or advertising/promotion?”

Econometrics-powered Media Mix Modeling delivers analysis of top-line media and bottom-line partner needs, simultaneously.


  • Large high-tech B2B company engaged econometricians to discover
  • Personal selling is 3 – 4 X the impact of advertising.
  • Direct mail is 50% more effective than offline advertising.
  • Ad/promotion has a higher impact on new customers than existing.
  • Product and price were more important to new customers than existing.
  • Price and service more important to existing customers.
  • Search can amplify offline media from 1.7X to 3.6X.
  • In the USA and the Netherlands, research not AE count is the largest driver to revenue.

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