Carestream Touch Prime Ultrasound
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CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound

The campaign began in December of 2015, when 1,400 direct mail pieces were sent to radiology administrators across North America. The dimensional mailer captivated the target audience with a miniature paper model of the CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System. That mimicked all movements of the actual product including multiple swivel motions and a collapsible column for height adjustment. Stickers located on the inside cover of the box could be swapped on and off the model to demonstrate personalized screen controls that allow users to configure their individual preferences. The model successfully conveyed the innovative touch screen and flexible design that gives sonographers unprecedented control.

A personalized letter and brochure were also enclosed with the model to further illustrate and describe the product’s features. Additionally, both pieces included a call to action to watch a demo at a personalized URL that took them to a landing page where they could access the offer, and submit a form indicating interest in the product.

A wave of emails followed the mailing with very similar messaging about how the CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound is “different by design,”  comparing the touch control panel to that of an iPhone or tablet. Facebook posts, tweets, and blog posts were also developed to run during the life of the campaign to drive additional traffic to the landing page.



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Anecdotally, the social media buzz has arguably become the biggest highlight.

The social media buzz has arguably become the biggest highlight, soaring above and beyond initial expectations.  The piece organically gained traction online as photo after photo was posted—leading to conversations centered around the product.

One Facebook group specifically intended for sonographers generated a comprehensive total of 4,000+ likes on uploads displaying the model, along with hundreds of captions and comments including:

“I saw this and knew immediately what it was! [Tagging a colleague] we need marketing ideas like this.”

“I love the fact that it has a REAL image w/ great detail!!”

“[Tagging a colleague] can we demo these machines for their cute little cut out?” in which the colleague responded, “Yes!! I’ll call tomorrow.”

“Had an amazing demo today with the best Carestream team.  This machine is the Cadillac, the bomb diggity, the elite.  Loved seeing what it had to offer.  Their engineers have built a machine to just about every specification a Sonographer could ask for….Hated to let it go out the door.”

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