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Carestream Value-Based Care Microsite

With an abundance of content to leverage and limited budget, we decided to create a new landing page template for a Carestream email campaign. Using twelve offers, content was categorized into myths about VBC. Each myth was assigned a number and stacked numerically. All nine myths were also displayed across a horizontal freeze pane at the top of the page that remained continuously visible, and each linked to the related content on the page. A “Let’s Talk” button also lived in this pane to open a reply form. The end result stylistically felt more like a microsite than a simple landing page. Four emails were sent, each promoting a different myth that bridged to corresponding content on the microsite with anchored links. Visitors could then discover more myths by scrolling or navigating from the top pane. This new design gave a drastic improvement to a design that otherwise would have been overpowered by the wealth of content. It also served as a measurement tool for rating offer popularity, and was used as a banner ad offer.


Measure which angles of value-based care are most meaningful to our audience

Generate a 10% lead rate

Engage visitors with an array of relevant content for all the pressing questions around the new value-based care healthcare model


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