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    B2B Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

    We are The Verdi Group, a direct mail agency with a 20-year history of partnering with business-to-business organizations to design award-winning direct mail packages and/or individual pieces. We believe a uniquely designed mailer sent to a qualified B2B mailing list can tremendously increase response, especially when combined with relevant follow-up emails, an informational landing page, and skilled telemarketing.

    We specialize in designing high-impact direct mail with enticing premiums and additional direct mail services that include creating highly responsive envelope mailings and self-mailers. Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked with practically every industry within B2B: healthcare, technology/software, government, financial services, and more, with projects starting at $10,000.

    Our experienced marketing team will handle your project from start to finish, from the mailing list to the ROI/tracking conversions. Whether you’re looking to develop a successful lead generation program, increase brand awareness, or encourage the loyalty of existing customers, our direct mail advertising agency will work within your budget to create a one-of-a-kind creative piece with the best offer.

    To discover how we can help you deliver a highly responsive B2B direct mail campaign, call us at 585.381.4275 or fill out the form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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