EagleView Upsell
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EagleView Government Upsell

This multi-touch direct mail and email program was used to target property assessors that are current customers of EagleView, but have never used the ChangeFinder™ product.

The solution was lenticular printing, a 2-D technology that allows a viewer to change the displayed image with a flick of the wrist. The alternating images showed two different aerial captures of the same property, shot several years apart. Color-shaded property changes and improvements provided a compelling illustration to the ease and efficiency of using ChangeFinder to identify untapped tax revenue.

The lenticular was framed in a sleek, clear acrylic block frame and serialized with a gold sticker, serving as a desktop keepsake and reminder that EagleView helps property assessors be fair and equitable in their assessment practices. The framed print shipped in a windowed outer box, so that recipients could interact with the lenticular technology immediately upon delivery.


To date, the campaign has generated an outstanding lead rate and a strong, positive ROI from closed deals to date.


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