Panasonic IIoT Lead Nurture Emails
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Panasonic IIoT Lead Nurture Emails

This content-driven email series was designed to nurture leads in the funnel for Panasonic’s IIoT “Pick” solution. Based on prior engagement with a webinar offer, the audience was segmented and an appropriate offer provided to each. Previous webinar registrants/attendees were offered a summation of the webinar Q&A – often the most useful part of a webinar. The Verdi Group created the Q&A offer from the webinar recording as well as the email and landing page. From this highly engaged audience, we were not surprised to see an open rate of nearly 40% and a healthy offer consumption rate as well.


The remaining sequence of emails followed the buyer’s continuum by offering a comparison of other “Pick” methods available, followed by and ROI calculation that’s so important to prospects considering this investment. The final offer in this 4-part series was a look at a new software release that drives material flow management.


In addition to open and click-through rates for this successful effort, we measured content consumption by offer and form submissions by the audience. The learnings from this program will inform future lead nurture efforts for Panasonic’s other IIoT solutions.


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