Jorsek easyDITA Demand Generation Campaign
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Jorsek easyDITA Demand Generation Campaign

Jorsek’s main product, easyDITA, is software that writers and editors use to develop and publish technical content.

Verdi proposed an integrated demand generation pilot campaign with dimensional direct mail, teleprofiling survey, Survey Monkey survey, an email, landing page, and telemarketing follow-up. Campaign budget was below $50,000, less than the revenue from one sale of easyDITA to a target company.

Build a repeatable demand-generation machine. Achieve 30 leads or more. Create awareness for the single most important point, speed.

Single Most Important Point to communicate: Faster content development, review, and publishing. When editors review material faster, product managers get to market faster, CFOs can add up the revenue delivered by faster time to market and editorial departmental efficiency.

Prior to sending out our dimensional direct mail package, we wanted to make sure we were reaching the correct contacts and portraying the right message to organizations ranging in size from small businesses all the way up to large corporations. This was accomplished through a combination of teleprofiling and online surveying. The most qualified prospects received the dimensional direct mail package, those that didn’t make the cut only received email and follow-up telemarketing.

Consisted of a dimensional box mailer, email, landing page, survey, and TM script. Custom box demonstrated speed. When it opened, the prospect experienced a Jorsek branded Mustang GT racing down the enclosed track and onto the prospect’s desk. Inside was a quick summary of easyDITA, selling points and an incentive to learn more through a short custom video and a link to the landing page, The email: subject line, “Faster docs. Real-time collaboration. Faster review.” The email opened up with an animation of a car zooming by. The landing page opened up with that same zooming car animation from the email, and an immediate offer of a free trial, a demo, or more info.

51 leads, 70% over our lead goal of 30. The direct mail also proved to have a significant impact on email response, as it produced over 2x the lead rate compared to prospects who did not receive the direct mail (17% vs 8%).



Over lead goal

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