Leica Microsystems Demand Generation
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Leica Microsystems Demand Generation

Leica Microsystems wanted to deliver winning results for the product launch of their top-of-the-line ARveo augmented reality microscope for vascular neurosurgery (average purchase price $250,000). A challenge for this project was that hospitals typically purchase a microscope every seven to ten years, so we really needed to whet the appetite of neurosurgeons to accelerate the purchase by demanding the ARveo microscope.

The Verdi Group designed a multi-channel effort that reached two audiences, vascular neurosurgeons and OR Directors, the latter being a new audience for Leica. We helped our client develop a persona for the OR Director to determine buying influence and authority and custom-compiled a database with complicated matching to the facility of the vascular neurosurgeon.

Our high impact dimensional mailings dramatized the augmented reality technology of the ARveo microscope that allows the surgeon to change the color of the blood flow during surgery to better see the contrast from surrounding tissue and blood vessels…increasing confidence when seconds count. Our inspiration to use glow sticks that the recipient could break to see how the vein structure could be visualized in various colors delighted the target audience.

Supporting the campaign were versioned emails and interactive landing pages that also demonstrated the ability to change the color of the blood flow. Outbound telemarketing provided a heads up to office managers in the neurosurgeon’s office and OR Directors to watch for the mailing; then post calling behind the mailing to OR Directors.

The results are surpassing the anticipated response rate of 2%…nearly 5% to date. Pipeline opportunity value was over $3 million just six weeks into the campaign. Additional lead nurture efforts are underway to extract even more leads from the OR Directors.



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