Myriad Genetics Prequel Program
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Myriad Genetics Prequel Program


In the dynamic landscape of prenatal genetic testing, our client Myriad Genetics wanted to generate awareness and stimulate test orders for Prequel. With limited market share, Myriad sought to break new ground by targeting OB-GYNs and establishing Prequel as the go-to solution for early (10 weeks) and effective (99.9%) prenatal testing for patients with any BMI. Our objectives were to build awareness, create a buzz, and generate appointments for educational lunch and learn meetings where Myriad representatives could showcase the unparalleled advantages and convince OB-GYNs to order Prequel screenings for their pregnant patients wishing to have genetic testing.

Strategy & Creative Execution

To accomplish the goal of generating leads, a multi-channel campaign was crafted  leveraging a combination of digital marketing, targeted outreach via an email series and direct mail.The campaign’s offer was the invitation to personalized lunch and learn meetings, where Prequel representatives could engage directly with OB-GYN professionals, presenting compelling quantitative evidence of the competitive advantages of Prequel.

At the forefront were two interactive direct mail pieces, delivered to a targeted list of accounts selected by the reps. By showcasing the reliability of Prequel for various body types, the direct mail pieces further set the stage with compelling copy that addressed the specific pain points of our audience.

Complementing the direct mail was a series of impactful emails crafted to reinforce our message and further educate our audience about the unique advantages of Prequel. Simultaneously, 1:1 digital ads were deployed to enhance overall awareness of Prequel, ensuring that our message reached our target audience through multiple channels.


A pivotal element in our communications strategy was outbound telemarketing, which proved to be highly effective in driving the success of our campaign, generating a total of 112 lunch and learn appointments. Additionally, an impressive 135 requests for more information via email demonstrated the keen interest our campaign had sparked among our target audience. The response rate of nearly 23% underscores the effectiveness of our integrated campaign approach. Through this effort, Myriad not only succeeded in building awareness but also established meaningful connections with OB-GYNs, laying the foundation for increased market share. This campaign exemplifies the synergy of creativity, targeted outreach, and personalized engagement in achieving noteworthy results.

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