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St. John’s Home Skilled Nursing IP Targeting Campaign

St. John’s Home was looking for a way to increase private-pay enrollment for their skilled nursing home care.  Verdi proposed utilizing Semcasting’s patented IP targeting to deliver banner ads to specific businesses and households of predetermined demographics and locations on computers, tablets, and mobile devices in the Rochester area.

For 2019, adult children and spouses aged 75+ with assets above $150k were delivered St. John’s banner ads in their homes and at relevant businesses, (geriatrician offices, estate planners, senior centers, etc.).  St. John’s was able to send out personalized follow-up letters thanks to Semcasting’s ability to track those who clicked on the banner ads.

The Semcasting pilot was a resounding success, sourcing 6.7 million impressions, which resulted in 11,994 clicks for a .18% CTR (260% above industry and overall averages for display ad CTR: .05%).  Throughout the 2019 campaign, every bed for their skilled nursing home care was filled–– a feat they had not achieved in quite some time.  This campaign also brought a 7% increase to St. John’s overall web traffic compared to 2018.


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