TeleVox ABM Program
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TeleVox ABM Program

TeleVox is a patient engagement platform provider to hospitals and medical practices, and their decision-makers are from a cross-functional team. TeleVox implements quarterly themed campaigns through a variety of marketing channels including email, webinars, and social media. Working with the sales team, they identified target accounts and corresponding contacts for an Account-Based Marketing effort. Dialing up the investment against these ABM prospects with the highest revenue potential while supporting the sales team was key to their efforts.

Strategy & Creative Execution

Delivering a brand impression with a highly visible direct mail effort to targeted ABM accounts called for imaginative formats that engage the prospect. In the first quarterly mailing, TeleVox’s unique application for referral management was highlighted in a pop-up with a removable die cut phone. Imagery depicted the simplicity and effectiveness of the TeleVox solution; rep information and a QR code made the die cut card “a keeper”.

The second quarterly mailing delivered a “pop”. Using a highly engaging mail format that allowed the prospect to pull the side panels to reveal messaging…and then, surprise! a pop-up cube emerges communicating the benefits of the TeleVox patient experience solution.

The third mailing of the series focused on the time savings available to healthcare institutions through the TeleVox offering. A tri-level pop-up with 36 panels functioned as an interactive, tactile infographic featuring engaging statistics to support our story.

With these efforts, TeleVox has cemented their approach to ABM with that “extra touch”.

Mailer One

Mailer Two

Mailer Three


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